1 Spark Electrical Pty Ltd provides electrical services to a range of environments including:

  • Residential & Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Strata and Building Maintenance

We offer a broad range of electrical services including:


With today's current technology, there are a wide range of lighting solutions available to the consumer. We can assist in the selection and design of lighting systems for both domestic and commercial environments including:

  • Downlights
  • Chandelier and pendant light installation
  • Dimmers
  • LED strip lighting
  • Exit lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Outdoor lighting


Energy Efficient Lighting

We specialise in replacing and upgrading your current lighting systems to maintain low energy consumption and save you money on your electricity bills. LED lighting technology is becoming more affordable and adaptable to suit your lighting requirements.

Converting Halogen downlights to LED is one of our many specialties. With a range of samples on hand we can give you a comparative example of just how similar if not better LED downlights are over their halogen counterparts.

Halogen Vs LED

Halogen downlights have an extremely high energy consumption, ninety percent of this consumption is expressed in heat with only ten percent being light output.

LED downlights have an extremely low energy consumption usually around nine watts in comparison to 50 watts from your standard halogen. They also produce very minimal heat and due to this have less restrictions on clearance space in ceilings.

Halogen downlight globes last on average (12 to 18 months).

LED downlight globes last on average (15 to 20 years).

LED downlights are the future of lighting. With such great light output, lifespan and minimal energy consumption there is little argument between the two. LED saves people up to 80% on their lighting power bill, this saving is not only beneficial to domestic houses but extremely economical in commercial properties as lights are usually kept on for most if not all hours of the day.

We can replace almost any light with an LED of greater power and less energy consumption.

Please contact us for more information and answers on how we can reduce your green house effect and your electricity bill.



Switchboard upgrades


If you are upgrading or renovating your house, apartment or commercial property, one thing that is commonly overlooked is the age and condition of your switchboard. Older switchboards usually consist of ceramic fuses and most of the time, have no electric shock protection. Put yourself at ease and protect your family with the replacement of ceramic fuses with circuit breakers and safety switches (Residual Current Devices or RCD's). In addition to the increased safety benefits, you will also gain the convenience of resetting a breaker rather than re-wiring a fuse.

Safety Switch Testing and Installation

A common misconception is that a circuit breaker or fuse will trip/blow in the event of an electrocution. This however is not the case, circuit breakers and fuses are installed to protect the wiring and minimise the chances of electrical fires. If you want to protect you and your family, the installation of safety switches (RCD's) is paramount.

Power, Data, TV & Telephone

The location of power, data and TV points is commonly overlooked and can lead to unsightly leads and plugs in inconvenient locations around your home both inside and outdoors. We can offer often easy solutions, to relocate or add new points as your needs change.

Audio Visual

Installation of wall mounted TV's and home audio systems. We can also tidy up your existing TV cabling to make your entertainment setup neat and aesthetically pleasing.

Other Services:

  • New wiring and re-wiring
  • Fault finding
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Installation of smoke detectors
  • Surge protection


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